Morocco/Burkina Faso Mixed Commission: signing in Dakhla of several bilateral agreements

The two parties have thus signed a mutual administrative assistance agreement in customs matters, the purpose of which is to apply the customs legislation of the two countries, to prevent, investigate and sanction customs offenses and to ensure the security of the chain. international logistics.

The agreement also aims to strengthen collaboration between the two countries, through the sharing of experiences in technologies, risk analysis and management and technologies used in the assessment of motor vehicles.

It is also a Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons which presents the general conditions for the transfer of a sentenced person in the territory of one party to the territory of the other party.

These conditions depend, among other things, on the acts or omissions which gave rise to the conviction, the length of the sentence, the consent of both parties to the transfer, etc.

The two countries have also signed an Action Plan in the field of Justice for the period 2024-2025 which aims to promote judicial cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of the two countries, through the exchange of experiences. , training, the organization of workshops and the exchange of legislation.

They have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the field of integrated water resources management, by virtue of which they undertake to strengthen and develop cooperation in the field of Integrated Water Resources Management. in Water, through the exchange of visits by experts and executives to inquire about the experience of the two parties, the exchange of information and documents and the organization of meetings and seminars between the parties on the topics of common interest.

The two ministers also signed an agreement on decentralized cooperation aimed at creating a framework conducive to the promotion of decentralized cooperation between the local authorities of Burkina Faso and Morocco, on the one hand, and to the establishment of partnerships between the public structures responsible for supporting local authorities and decentralization in the two countries on the other hand.

They also signed a 2023-2025 roadmap for decentralized cooperation with a view to creating a favorable framework for the establishment of cooperation relations (twinning and partnership) between the local authorities of the two countries according to the methods listed in the table relating thereto.

There is also talk of an agreement that aims to strengthen cooperation in tourism between the two parties, through the development and extension of their current relations in the field of tourism in order to strengthen their economies and improve the mutual understanding of their respective national cultures.

The two parties have also signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of sport which aims to promote and facilitate communication and cooperation between the sports organizations of the two countries and to define the framework for cooperation programs. in the field of sports and leisure, on the basis of the principle of reciprocity.

In terms of education and training, a memorandum of understanding for cooperation covering several areas of cooperation between the two parties (educational and pedagogical innovations, reform of the education system, management of education projects and programs and improvement of retention in education systems) was signed at the same time.

It is also a Cooperation Agreement in the field of higher education, scientific research and innovation under which the parties undertake to work to intensify their technical and scientific cooperation with a view to strengthen the mobility of actors in the field of higher education, scientific research and innovation, through the mobility of teachers, specialists and researchers, the exchange of information on national procedures and regulations on issues of equivalence and recognition of diplomas, scientific titles and university degrees issued by institutions of higher education and scientific research, etc.

On the other hand, the two parties have signed a framework cooperation agreement relating to the granting of academic scholarships, internships and the sharing of expertise, through which they undertake to further promote their cooperation in the cultural fields. , scientific, technical and socio-economic, through the exchange of students, experiences and information and the granting of scholarships.

In this regard, the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation provides Burkina Faso with an annual quota of 130 scholarships, for the academic years 2023/2024, 2024/2025 and 2025/2026, distributed as follows: 100 scholarships within the framework of the official quota and 30 additional scholarships relating to the Southern Region of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The two ministers also signed a Cooperation Agreement relating to the partnership between the Moroccan Academy of Diplomatic Studies (AMED) and the Institute of Advanced International Studies (INHEI) of Burkina Faso, which aims to develop and strengthen a strategic partnership between INHEI and AMED in areas of common interest relating to international law, diplomacy, international relations and all other matters related to diplomacy and international relations.

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