Rape, kidnapping, kidnapping and violence … The collaborator of a Renaissance senator indicted

The parliamentary collaborator of a senator of the majority was indicted and placed in pre-trial detention as part of an open investigation into accusations of rape and violence among others.

Heavy charges. A 26-year-old man, working in the Senate as a collaborator for a Renaissance senator and for Science Po Paris, had been placed in jail Wednesday. This Friday, June 9, he was indicted, indicates information from the Parisian confirmed by BFM.

His file relates to suspicions of intentional violence, kidnapping, administration of harmful substances, invasion of privacy and death threats, reports the Parisian.

Placed in custody

As we explained in a previous article, the facts mentioned by the victims are sordid. They report extreme forced sexual practices, violent beatings, death threats, strangulations or even the possible contamination with a virus. Testimonials, out of six complaints filed, were also collected. There are several accounts of his brutal behavior.

Searches took place at the suspect’s home but also at the Senate, where he has worked as a political adviser for 5 years. Following his indictment, the young man was remanded in custody.

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