70% reduction in maternal mortality in Niger: The NGO HDI awards the leadership trophy to President Mohamed Bazoum

The NGO Health § Development International (HDI) presented on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 its Leadership Award (testimony of recognition) to the President of the Republic, Head of State, HE Mohamed Bazoum, for the results obtained in Niger in the reduction important in maternal mortality.

During a ceremony held at the Palace of the Presidency, the President of the Board of Directors of HDI, Ms. Bisa Williams, former United States Ambassador to Niger, declared that this Leadership Award is given to HE Mr. Mohamed Bazoum, for having established a national health policy focusing on vital measures for Nigerien women and families.

This policy has had unprecedented success, earning Niger international recognition, she said.

Indeed, a revolutionary initiative developed by the Ministry of Public Health, Population and Social Affairs of Niger and the NGO HDI, has reduced maternal deaths due to bleeding by 70 percent among women who gave birth in health services in Niger.

This new initiative has also dramatically reduced postpartum bleeding.

In addition to the President of the Republic, the Minister of Public Health, Population and Social Affairs, Dr. Illiassou Idi Mainassara received the HDI Champion Award, for his determination to translate health policy and programs into concrete actions at the operational level, and its involvement in the national initiative for the prevention of postpartum bleeding. This initiative has enabled Niger to be the first country to achieve a rate of more than 50 percent reduction in maternal mortality linked to postpartum haemorrhage, said Ms. Bisa Williams.

Health § Development International also presented certificates of recognition to several officials of the Ministry of Public Health for their efforts in implementing this initiative.

By receiving this recognition, President Mohamed Bazoum was delighted that Niger was able to have remarkable performances attested by the Lancet journal (The Lancet Global Health) on January 18, 2023.

These performances are a credit not only to Niger, but also to HDI, said the Head of State, stressing that “we should also, in truth, celebrate HDI”.

Niger has great challenges to take up in the field of health, indicated the President of the Republic. The country has reduced the mortality rate of women during childbirth by 70 percent, which is a remarkable effort, but it is far from the ratios accepted worldwide, underlined the Head of State, for whom we must bet on improving the situation further.

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